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Do you travel a lot? Or do you particularly feel the effect of time spent on planes and trains? here my go to habits to go through a day of travel as any other day!

Hi beautiful people,
I’m currently at the airport on my way back to Milan from London. The air it’s quite festive and all the Christmas decoration are lighted, which makes it quite pleasant to just go around and get lost, but I’ll try to stick to my “travel days productive plan” and try to make the best out of this time!
As you might know I travel quite a bit, and spend a lot of time in airports, let’s say an average of 4 days per month. That’s quite a lot of days to just fall out of my working/stay active routine, so I’ve started to get into a couple of habits that help me to fit those “airport ‘s days” into my routine. If you’re travelling often or if you generally want travel tips to be prepared to when you’re travelling keep reading.
Let’s start with some practical/healthy tips:
1. Stay hydrated, drink before/during/after your flights, you need it even more than usual. Bring a reusable bottle with you so that you don’t have to buy plastic (check online if the airport has a place where to refill it, you can usually find that out before head).
2. Pack your own snacks. You’re likely to spend at least a couple of hours waiting, you better have something to eat, because boredom will kick in and you’ll definitely need a snack and you won’t always find healthy options, I always have with me a banana and some raw protein bars.
3. Go for walks in the airport as you wait. Try to move as much as you can before you flight, above all if your flight is going to be a long one. Find a nice quite area and try to stretch a bit in all your body areas, open your chest a bit, stretch your hamstrings etc.
4. Travel light. It makes it easier to move around and a lot less stressful, you really need less things than you think! And dress as comfy as possible! It makes a huge difference!
As I mentioned staying at the airport can get pretty boring, and you want to be prepared for spending some time there, so here a couple of tips about that too, it’s mainly basic staffs, but it’s good to have a reminder:
  1. Don’t waste your entire day, above all if you travel often. Plan your work for the airport time and get things done. I bring my computer with me and make a list of the things I want/can do in that time (today this blog post was in my list for example).
  2. Be prepared for delays, bring some extra work/entertainment with you so that you can use that time and avoid frustration, that won’t change the situation anyway.
  3. Bring a book to read, download a couple of episodes on your computer (or other device) to have something to do on the flight and in case the wi-fi doesn’t work, it’s not all about the work.
  4. If you are a frequent traveller, for work or other reasons, and have a let or mid-day flight try to keep the first part of the day routine up to normal.
Travelling is stressful for our mind and body and we want to make it as easy as we can and recovering properly is a big part of it. You can find an “After flight yoga flow” on my YouTube channel that will help you relax your body and mind after your flight/train journey and help you to adjust to the new time zone in case you’re jet lagged as well.
Hope this was helpful,
Yours truly

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